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Arzaq State Company is a 100% for-profit state company, according to the necessity and renewal of the way of stocking food materials in order to prevent possible famines and control prices in the market, to purchase the surplus produce of farmers and distribute it when necessary according to the decrees and orders of the honorable authorities since its establishment until now. It has taken the necessary measures and has proved its effectiveness in every age and time. In the present situation, the position of the company is to contract and finance the maintenance and necessary materials for university dormitories in the center and provinces. And even now, the contract for the supply of beans and dry fodder of the honorable Ministry of Interior and its related parts is being concluded and its supply is actually continuing. 


The growth and development of services for collecting, supplying and storing and selling food and other essential items based on principle.

Usefulness, Effectiveness and Safety

Performing standard services of preparing, storing and supplying food and other items needed by society and market demand

Obtaining Benefits and Strengthening Financial Base

Providing the basis for the participation of the company in order to achieve the goals of national development, economic growth and social development

Effective and Safe Services in Food Supply

Development Plans of Arzaq State Company

The only reliable, effective and safe authority in the country in supplying food to governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Company Vision

Arzaq State Company Operates in Order to Achieve the Following Goals

Investment Growth


Arzaq State Company has been a supplier of nutritional materials needed by governmental and non-governmental sectors and various sections of the society by providing reliable, fast, effective and safe services. And in every era and time, he has done valuable services in this direction in different ways. Also, government offices are freed from multiple hands in relation to the provision of raw materials, and Arzaq State Company has the duty to prepare, supply, and store all the necessities of the offices and other related institutions according to statistics. At certain times, with the availability of fixed and strategic reserves, it can prevent the rise of prices in the market by distributing materials to the market. Also, by distributing raw materials to government employees, it can finance a considerable amount of people who go to the market. which can prevent the rise of Qayyim in the market.

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Arzaq State Company has representative offices, hangars, warehouses and basic properties in 34 provinces of the country. It can supply flour, oil, sugar, tea, washing powder, etc.

Beside of Central Selo, Third District, Kabul Afghanistan
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Facilities of Arzaq State Company Regarding the Import of Food

Arzaq State Company in the center and provinces for mod stocking with warehouses, hangars, dukakin, garages, tepik shops, sufficient and specialized experience in importing, stocking materials and distributing it to government departments with existing personnel, capital can be involved in this process. advance